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Wellness Therapy Sample Bar - wax melt bar

Wellness Therapy Sample Bar - wax melt bar

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We think self care is very important here at Daisy Ray.

Introducing our wellness scents, fragrances have powers to boost our moods and how we feel, Our Mood Therapy solutions are tailored to your requests and offer real emotional benefits. With 75% of our emotions triggered by smell, our fragrances are designed to spark vivid memories and modulate your mood. Backed by a Certificate of Technology Compliance for quality assurance.

Each segment is a different scent for you to enjoy.

Comforting Therapy -  Indulge in a self care routine with our wax melt bar, featuring a creamy edible fragrance of white chocolate, sweet cream, and vanilla. Treat yourself to a luxurious aroma that will relax your senses.

Deep Sea Therapy - Let the fresh marine fougere scent of bergamot, lemon, and lime mixed with floral notes of lily, jasmine, and violet transport you to the ocean. Perfect for a relaxing evening of self-care. 

Woodland Therapy - Fresh pine, eucalyptus, lavender, and more combine for a refreshing and uplifting scent, while cedar, patchouli, and ambergris provide a grounding balance.

Natures Therapy - With a radiant floral scent, it's the perfect addition to your self care routine. Fresh, crisp, and delicate lily and bluebell notes will transport you to a tranquil forest oasis. 

Energise Therapy -  A delightful blend of juicy apple, tangy citrus, and refreshing ozone greets you, followed by a warm embrace of lily, jasmine, and orchid, all resting on a cozy bed of fall leaves, sugary sweetness, and musky allure.

Each bars weighs approx - 50g

Daisy Ray products may vary in colour as each product is lovingly handmade.


How to use Wax Melts

Break desired amount and pop into your wax melter, watch it melt into a beautiful pool and release your chosen scent.

Although some items may look as if they are edible - they are not!

All About Soap Sponges

❤️Last up to 4 weeks if used daily- no need to buy shower gel! (Just keep It out of direct water when not using)

❤️Exfoliate to remove dry skin.

❤️Excellent at removing fake tan.

❤️Liquid-free so you can pack them into your holiday hand luggage for holidays.

❤️Packed with at least 140g of moisturising glycerine soap

❤️SLS free (SLS is a foaming agent that some people are sensitive to)

❤️Can be used to clean your make up brushes

❤️When your sponge is finished, use it for cleaning your bathroom!

❤️The solid nature of these makes them perfect for travel, gym, holidays and many other occasions. They are suitable for ages 3 and up so are great fun for children to use too.


Daisy Ray wax melts are made with rapeseed and coconut wax and are coloured with soy colouring.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

All our Wax Melts & Bath & Body Products are Vegan and Cruelty-Free. 

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