Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please feel free to contact us over at


Hello! Daisy Ray are a home fragrance company specialising in unique wax melts, home fragrances and bath and body. We are best known for our wax melts but a full list of products can be found on our PRODUCTS page. Daisy Ray was founded in 2021 by two sisters Natalie & Rebekah (B). 

Daisy Ray is based in beautiful Cornwall 🌊

The easiest way we’ve found is to turn on or light a tea light and leave for around 30 seconds. Then whilst stabilising the burner with one hand, you should be able to slide the old wax out with the other. Alternatively you can use cotton wool to soak up the wax and pop it in your bin (please watch fingers wax can get hot).

No need to panic! This is just the scent being thrown. The weaker the scent gets, the less clear smoke will appear.

If you are at all concerned or worried feel free to send us a photo to our email and we will be happy to assist.

Don’t panic, your wax melts might be bubbling because there could be water in the wax if the wax burner has recently been washed; or the wax could be too hot due to being melted too long; or the tea light might be too close to the bowl.

Always ensure your burner is completely dry before using a new wax melt.

And always ensure your burner is a wax burner, not an oil burner (unless it’s stated the item is safe for use with both wax and oil) and that there is a sufficient gap between the tea light and the bowl. We also recommend using a 4-hour tea light as a maximum.

Bubbling can cause the scent to burn off quicker and therefore not last as long and no one wants that! (Never leave a wax burner unattended)

We use fragrance oils in our wax melts instead of essential oils. It’s mostly essential oils that are toxic to pets, but as you will be well aware, pets can develop allergic reactions to anything just as humans can. If your pet has a known sensitivity/allergy to perfumed products, you should avoid them completely, whether made of essential oils or synthetic oils. Some synthetic oils/fragrance oils do have small amounts of essential oils in them, and this is why you must know which ingredients are toxic and check for them on the labels before using them around your animals. On the back of each wax melt will have the CLP which lists the allergens.

We restock monthly (things do fly out) make sure to follow our socials for updates and sign up to our emails.

You can give us a message on both Facebook (Daisy Ray) Instagram (shopdaisyray). We also have an email (answered between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday)


We know it happens, but if you see that you have put in the wrong address or missed something out, give us an email straight away at or message on our Instagram. We can not offer a refund or replacements for an incorrect address, this includes forgetting house numbers and streets, Misspelling one or all of the postcodes.

We send orders via:

Royal Mail Second Class Signed for - £3.99 (Dispatched in 2-5 business days)

Expedited delivery within England, Wales or Scotland delivered when dispatched is expected in 2 days - Business days are Monday to Friday.

It can take anywhere from the same day to up to 7 working days to be despatched from us, this can be due to staff illness (I mean there is only two of us) /holidays, peak times (Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and the New Year), and bank holidays weekend. We will keep you updated on any delays so make sure you're subscribed to our emails!

Currently, we only send throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and parts of Ireland. We do have plans to ship internationally in the future.


The MOQ is £150.

The turnaround time on wholesale orders is 10-14 working days. 

Yes, all our wax melts are CLP compliant and we are fully insured. 

Our wholesale orders will be fully branded Daisy Ray style. However, if you would like them none branded please email and we can definitely do that for you. 

Yes that is definitely something we can do, please email with what you require - and we can come up with a plan together :)