About us

Well where do I start? Let me Start by introducing us, we are sisters from Cornwall Natalie & Rebekah (Nat & B), Natalie is 32 with two children with the third on the way, she lives with her partner and two cats (plus the children). Rebekah is 27 who lives with her partner and cat Sockie, we have faced hmm I won’t say difficulties, lets say similar journeys through life and that’s what has brought us here.

Both always being creative growing up in one way or another it brought us together to try and do something we love, because if the last year has taught us anything life is too short not to be happy, right?

We have bothed faced anxiety and depression in our life especially in the last year. We both made the hard decision to leave our jobs as it just got a little much and we needed to concentrate on our own mind and wellbeing.

This is what we would like to promote through our business, positivity and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and someone to listen and help.

We hope our products bring you as much joy as it did us creating and making them for you. 

Welcome to the Daisy Ray family.