Nostalgia - Limited Edition Wax Melt Box 📦💘 (pre-order)

Nostalgia - Limited Edition Wax Melt Box 📦💘 (pre-order)

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We are throwing it back with some absolute classic smells from the old days 😍

🍊 Sunny D

💚 No Tears

💛 PlayDoh

🍰 Old School Cake

💿 New Car

All will be boxed up Daisy Ray style so get ready to throw It back with us ✌🏻

Boxes are Pre-Order and will be dispatched ASAP please note your order may take a little longer) 📦

How to use Wax Melts

Break desired amount and pop into your wax melter, watch it melt into a beautiful pool and release your chosen scent.

Although some items may look as if they are edible - they are not!

All About Soap Sponges

❤️Last up to 4 weeks if used daily- no need to buy shower gel! (Just keep It out of direct water when not using)

❤️Exfoliate to remove dry skin.

❤️Excellent at removing fake tan.

❤️Liquid-free so you can pack them into your holiday hand luggage for holidays.

❤️Packed with at least 140g of moisturising glycerine soap

❤️SLS free (SLS is a foaming agent that some people are sensitive to)

❤️Can be used to clean your make up brushes

❤️When your sponge is finished, use it for cleaning your bathroom!

❤️The solid nature of these makes them perfect for travel, gym, holidays and many other occasions. They are suitable for ages 3 and up so are great fun for children to use too.


Daisy Ray wax melts are made with rapeseed and coconut wax and are coloured with soy colouring.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

All our Wax Melts & Bath & Body Products are Vegan and Cruelty-Free. 

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